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My name is Saara Hedman and in my company I design and make unique and highclass ballroom dance dresses. I graduated as an artisan from the vocational college of Oulu in 2012. After that I worked as a regular dressmaker and learned about the basic of the business. But somehow I was wishing my job had been more exciting and inspiring. I needed more beauty and creativity to my life. I´ve always been very into ballroom dancing, I just love to go and see competitions and shows. As I wanted to corporate these two features in my life, I wanted to learn, how to make dance dresses.

The skill and knowledge that I have I´ve gained are all from Elaine Gornall´s studio in London, Charlwood. I started off as an assistant, mostly watching and learning and doing some easier jobs. Gradually I started doing more and more demanding things, and learned all the techniques that are used in the best dresses in the world. Now I have the honour and the priviledge to use these same techniques in my own studio.

Most pleasure in my work I get when I see that the dancer feels beautiful and confident in her dress. I always want support my customers personality with my designs, and highlight the best parts her body and dancing skills. The things that inspire my work are definitely my lovely customers, music and contemporary fashion.

Recent Work

Design Work


When designing the dress I always pay attention to the wishes of a dancer and cuts that suit to her body and personality. I’m also happy to receive photos and ideas of what the dancer hopes for her dress. Designing a dress is always a conversation between me and the dancer. If possible, I find it very helpful to hold a first meeting just for throwing in some ideas and designing.

Measurements and fittings

If I an unable to take the measurements personally I will sent the measure chart and instructions to take the measurements yourself. (See the picture of measurements and explanations). Usually one fitting during the process is enough. My studio is in

Measurements Chart
  • Bust
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Under the bust line
  • Between the cups
  • Neck to waistline
  • Neck
  • Shoulder bone to shoulder bone
  • Arm
  • Bicep
  • Elbow
  • Wrist
  • Waist to anklebone or the lenght of the skirt


The price of dress is always looked at case-by-case basis. Among other things decorations and materials used determine the final price of the dress. I am able to give the exact price after the design is set and materials have been ordered. I can also make a design based on a certain budget.

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